In the job market today, it can be increasingly difficult to stand out amongst others. At times, a few paragraphs of a cover letter or just a couple of words on a resume are the only factors separating you from many other qualified candidates. That is why it is important to make a lasting impression quickly and efficiently! Here at MG Resume Services, I want to help you stand out the moment a hiring manager has your resume in their hands. In a stack of one hundred papers, I am here to create a document where your name and likeness come to mind above all. Whether it is as simple as an eggshell background and lined border or as complex as an array of graphics, pictures, and pops of color, a unique application package may be the edge you need to get a call back from the company you have been hoping to work for. Applying for jobs can be a tedious and exhausting process, so make that work count and submit something that has the highest likelihood of yielding results! Not all of us already have a foot in the door, so go the extra mile and turn in an application package that managers will remember!


"Morgan did an amazing job with updating my resume! Now it is a document I can be proud of. She is a great identifier of your talents that you may have overlooked. Great experience and a great resource." - Mark D. San Antonio, TX 7/19/2022

"With the ever changing work environment we are all living in, Morgan's insight on structure content on my resume was outstanding. With a very extensive work history, she was able to clean up the messaging and shaped my resume that I know will be a leveraged to my benefit should I need to get back in the job market. Morgan communicated clearly, gave me some great options and leveraged her expertise to deliver a product that exceeded everything I had expected. Thank you Morgan!!!!" - Matt M. Sammamish, WA 5/5/2022

"Morgan took my old, boring, poorly designed resume and created something beyond what I could have hoped for. My resume is now up to date, professional, and allows my personality to show through on paper! She was very easy to get in contact with, fairly priced, and so kind! Would recommend her services to anyone looking for a new or updated resume if you think yours looks "good" now, I promise you it doesn't lol, let MG Resume Services wow you! " - Brooke B. 6/18/2022